About us

mdesign, is an art and design group producing creative commercial projects as well acting as a catalyst for individual non commercial art works whether it be in sound, film or 3 dimensions.

Founded in 1996 and trading as a partnership since 2006 Mdesign delivers a wide variety of art and design based projects. Creativity and innovation are key elements of our work, with a strong foundation in project management.

From commercial interiors, art projects in schools to site specific sound and film installations we have the experience and skill base to interpret client briefs, develop project frameworks, conduct feasibility studies and deliver complete projects to programme and budget.

Philip D. Moore MA
Catherine Hill BA

Every project is unique and requires an individual approach. Philip Moore and Cath Hill form the core of Mdesign with collaborations and contributions from a variety of artist, designers and makes. Recent collaborators include;

Forkbeard Fantasy a multi media art and theatre company.

Dave Poulton, Foley artist, sound engineer and maker.

Jane Jobling, sculptor and arts lecture.

Ed Jobling, performer, technician and film maker.

Tim Rae-Duke, cabinet maker and problem solver.

Tim Britton, performer, cartoon animator and writer.

Penny Saunders, sculptor and puppet maker.

Chris Britton, performer, writer and maker.

Ralph Pitchford, graphic designer.

mdesign support all projects with strong management, with over 25 years experience of managing large projects in the UK and Europe.

Delivering a variety of creative projects form £500 to £5,000,000 we have developed the skill base for coordinating, design and creative output, production and installation, budgets and project schedules. mdesign have the in-house skills to provided the following management services:

  • Appointment of professional team
  • Feasibility study and development of a brief
  • Provision of Interpretation and design concepts
  • Project Planning
  • Project programme monitor
  • Development of detailed design
  • Draft budget and cost analysis
  • Production of tender documents & drawings
  • Analysis of tender returns
  • Contract administration
  • Ongoing aftercare service

Hearne Farm

Tel: 01398 361 555
email: phil@pdmdesign.org.uk