Wind Machine

Forkbeard Fantasy were appointed as artistic directors for Devon’s contribution to the Cultural Olympiad in 2012. Philip Moore was invited to help with the construction of Devon’s Wind Machine as well as piloting the vessel and developing a street theatre performance for the Exeter torch relay and Weymouth’s opening ceremony for the sailing.

“Ladies and Gentlemen behold Devon’s Olympic Wind Machine. Let me explain how she works. At the front we have a titanium nose cone which brakes wind! Once we have broken wind it then passes through our tri bladed constant velocity propeller which chops the wind into small manageable pockets. The pockets of wind then enter the expander. (more commonly know as the egg whisk). Now this works just like a domestic egg whisk adding more air to our wind, swelling it by at least 50%. Now! the lingering wind passes in to a much smaller cavity forcing our bulging wind to compress. The forces in this chamber are quite colossal. We call the resulting product heavy or Olympic wind”
After the 2012 Olympics the vessel has appeared at several festivals, school and village fetes.