Castle Drogo

Mdesign were appointed as a Creative Partner by the National Trust for the 'Saving Castle Drogo' project in 2014.
The brief was to create an immersive visitor experience while the Castle undergoes extensive restoration works. Our work draws on the Castle's 100 year battle with the Dartmoor elements, stories behind Drogo, its construction and restoration. The project has involved 12 months research and development culminating in the construction of 8 installations throughout the castle and grounds. The site office of past and present, the missing objects, the gadget room, the first drip, the lost chair and jelly moulds, the room of many views and the outside in room. All the work has a solid foundation of historical, scientific and technical fact. This combined with an artistic, humorous, theatrical, and sometimes surreal delivery gives the visitor an unexpected, exciting and challenging experience.

'NOTHING IS NORMAL' Opened to the public in March 2015 for the duration of the restoration, approximately 2 years.