Bampton School

Being our local school, we have provided various voluntary creative services over the years.
Giving guidance on school productions, running introductory workshops on Film and Pixilation (in association with Forkbeard), producing music videos and providing props and settings as learning platforms. These are all elements of our voluntary work with the school.


Alien Space Craft Crashes in Bampton!
To start the school year 2013 the Teachers decided to have a term
of themed learning based around a crashed space craft. We built
and installed a crashed craft, along with lots of clues so the children
could piece together where it had come from and who was the pilot?
A six hour clock, a message in code, tri glasses and 4 fingered
glove all helped set the scene for the children to investigate the
crash site with the forensic team from UCO (department of
Unidentified Crashed Objects).