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The Old Scientist September 2015
The Theory of Residual Energy and Methods of Extraction.
 Like the light we see today from a distant planet that has long ago burnt out, all things in our universe leave behind traces of energy after they have ceased to physically exist. The application of science to these remaining traces is how man has pieced together his understanding of the world he lives in today.
 As pioneers in the field of trace energies, Britton and Moore are teetering on the very edge of science inventing new techniques for their detection and interpretation. Their Prize winning work on trace energies has sparked much debate and accusations of heresy within the scientific community.

Fig.1 Britton and Moore – Alva Awards 1974   

  Fig.2 Britton and Moore in the field.
Britton and Moore’s work has focused most recently on latent energies found in buildings, posing the question are buildings tape recorders? Their research suggests the haunting of a building is not by a lost spirit but merely trapped energies from the past being suddenly released. Buildings or more specifically the materials buildings are made from have the characteristic to capture, store and transmit energy. Metals in paints, wiring and plumbing, acids and alkaline in mortar and mineral crystals in stone all have the ability to record and transmit energy. Indeed if it wasn’t for the features of these elements man would not have been able to develop the lead acid battery, the magnetic tape recorder or the transistor radio.
Britton and Moore explain in their paper the Theory of Residual Energies, that given the right circumstances the materials used in buildings will react chemically capturing energy from the immediate environment etching sound and light from a single moment of time into the very fabric of a building. They have recently discovered evidence to backup their claims.
 At Wiveliscombe Town Hall in Somerset a unique set of circumstances have occurred. Firstly the Town Hall having been empty for 57 years means it contains high latent energy levels from 1957 which have not been dulled or mudded by recent occupation.  Secondly as the building is allowed to slowly decay chemical reactions occur in the fabric of the building: iron and carbon elements combine to capture energy; lead and acid provide a power source; quartz and copper act as a receiver / transmitter. The combined dereliction and decay of this building has resulted in the perfect potential conditions for discovering and unlocking latent energies.

Fig.3 The Stereophonic Glass Ear for detecting voices in walls.
Welcome to the frontier of science!
Britton and Moore renowned explainers of the unexplained have taken on the task of going Beyond the Door at Wiveliscombe Town Hall to detect and interpret these residual energies in an attempt to rationalise the inexplicable inconvenience experienced.
Press play to see an Uncooperative Ghost.
Often supposed ghost sightings are triggered by an input of energy such as a door slamming, a light switched on or a toilet flush. Britton and Moore however take a more controlled approach to unlocking the latent energies by turning buildings into  transducers, a highly skilled operation. They have developed specialist equipment to detect variations in physical quantities and extract the energies as light and sound. Britton and Moore use this equipment to look for a significant event that has caused a peak in energy levels onto which their equipment can be focused and tuned. These high energy events are usually manifested in an unhappy or traumatic happening. Initial research at Wiveliscombe Town Hall has led to the discovery of such a high energy event occurring at 23.45 on the 4th September 1957.

Fig.6 the RVAC – Residual voice amplification chamber

The extraction of latent energy from 1957 is ongoing and for the very first time Britton and Moore are allowing the public into Wiveliscombe Town Hall to see the results of their work first hand on the 5th and 6th September 2015.
Important Notice regarding going Beyond the Door:
This is a live experiment, the observer YOU can contaminate the experiment or become contaminated by the experiment. We therefore kindly ask you to observe the following; DO NOT TALK; DO NOT TOUCH; DO NOT RUN, DO NOT GO BEYOND THE HAZARD TAPE.  This is an old building with no lighting, decaying walls and infestations. Children must be accompanied at all times.
Three anomalies which can contaminate the experiment:
 OEC; Observer Environmental Contamination. The observer YOU can contaminate the experiment with new energy traces. Therefore please DO NOT TALK and keep your energy levels low by moving slowly.
BSR; Building Stress Release. Naturally occurring stresses in the building can be released causing energy spikes (these normally manifest themselves as creaks and bangs). Be aware of your presence in the building move lightly and quietly so as not to overstress the building, DO NOT RUN.
 DBM; Decaying Building Moulds. It is well documented that certain moulds that grow in decaying buildings produce agents which can induce heightened cognitive response and a short circuit of the sensory neurons. In extreme cases these induce confusion and hallucinations. Many ghost sightings can be attributed to this phenomenon. Please DO NOT TOUCH the building, wear a bio secure face mask at all times and breath slowly. Should you become confused or hallucinate, breathe into a paper bag and leave the building immediately.

 Fig5. Wiveliscombe town Hall Door
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